Mission & Beliefs

Simply stated, Our mission is to help parents and grandparents instill, reinforce, and normalize a biblical worldview in the hearts of their children.

Toward this end, our contribution to families is to provide well-written, artistically illustrated, affordable, and enjoyable storybooks created with this specific mission in mind. Our offering will include new, original stories, as well as re-imagined, well-loved classics. Some books will be explicitly focused on Jesus and plainly stated biblical themes, while others will be “non-religious.” Since a biblical worldview encompasses all of life, we do not see the point of dividing life up into religious and non-religious categories. Therefore our “non-religious” stories will always be completely in line with our mission and beliefs and values.

Most stories will include a brief note to parents, highlighting suggested points of conversation around the story.

Not ebooks only!
The ebook format makes it possible for me to offer offer great kids’ books to parents for under $5. Conventional offset ink-and-paper book printing is quite expensive, and logistically prohibitive with the resources I have available. By offering ebooks, I can offer beautifully illustrated children’s books in vibrant color, at a very low cost to the parent.

However, I realize that most parents and grandparents simply prefer ink and paper when it comes to children’s books. Therefore, each title is also available in both paperback and hardback, printed “on-demand,” at a conventional price. Ink and paper books are formatted so that they can be collected and shelved as a matching set.

Scott’s Recommendation:
If you’re undecided as to which format to order, the hardback version is the best value, the most durable, and will work best as a shelved set.

Release Schedule:
My goal is to release a new title every every year. We are a baby company and this schedule is subject to change, but I’ll keep you posted!
Book titles will be listed on the Book Store menu tab as they become available.

Children's storybooks-Scott Freeman

Watercolor illustration from The Cocky Rooster – Scott’s first, original book release. Visit the BOOK STORE tab on this website to order!


Big Picture Publishing is not affiliated with a particular religious denomination. However, since my product is targeted to parents who are followers of Jesus, it seems only fair and appropriate to provide a statement of belief. Every book that I produce will be consistent with the following beliefs and values.

Big Picture Publishing affirms the National Association of Evangelicals statement of Faith. In addition, we find the following concepts to be central to a biblical worldview:

The Kingdom of God:
The proclamation of the good news of the kingdom of God was the central message of Jesus. During His first advent He established the kingdom in partial fulfillment, in this present age. He will bring it to complete fulfillment upon His return. The church of Jesus is His manifestation of the kingdom of God in this present age.

The New Covenant:
During His first advent Jesus established a new covenant with Israel – the new covenant spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah (31:31.) Thereafter, gentiles (the non-Jewish nations) were also welcomed into this covenant, as gentiles, by grace, through faith. The New Covenant is not merely a “renewed” Mosaic covenant, as some teach. It is new and better, in form, substance, and effect.

Biblical Faith:
Biblical faith is unique among other faiths of the world in that it is relational and evidential. Throughout history our Creator has taken care to provide reasons for us to believe Him, and He has preserved eyewitness accounts of His acts in history. Biblical faith is trusting in the person of God, and believing His words to be true. Biblical faith is not “belief despite the evidence,” as the “New Atheism” teaches.

The Church:
During His first advent, Jesus established His church, (ekklesia – people called out for a purpose.) He has called gentiles out of the nations (Acts 15:14,) and Jews out of Mosaic covenant Judaism (Deut 14:2; Mat 16:16-18) to be united together in a new covenant as “one new man” (Eph 2:11-16.) With God’s messiah, Jesus, as the head, the church is a worldwide body commissioned to spread the gospel to all of God to all nations and to peacefully make disciples of Jesus.

God has not rejected or forgotten Israel (Ro 11:2.) The church has not replaced Israel. The gospel is to “the Jew first and also to the gentile” (Ro 1:16.) We look forward to the Jewish people embracing their messiah, and fulfilling their unique destiny as God’s people (Ro 11:11-24.) Israel’s Messiah laid down His life so that there would be “one flock, and one shepherd” (Jn 10:14-16.)

Human Worth:
We believe that every human life, regardless of distinction, has innate and transcendent value. This truth derives form the Torah which states that male and female bear the image of God (Gen 1:26,27.) This is affirmed by the new covenant scriptures which state that humanity is loved by God.

Marriage and Family:
In that same Torah, at creation, God established one man and one woman in a covenant of marriage as the creation of a new family unit (Gen 2:24.) In the new covenant scriptures, Jesus affirmed this truth; established “from the beginning” (Mat 19:3-8; Mk 10:4-9.) In the epistles, the apostle Paul identifies God-ordained, heterosexual, monogamous marriage as a picture of the relationship of Christ and His Church (Eph 5:21-32.) Furthermore, we believe that the unity-in-diversity of loving marriage is reflective of the unity-in-diversity eternally existing within the triune Godhead itself.

Government and Freedom:
We affirm freedom, and pluralism (meaning the respectful co-existence of competing ideas) in the public square of society. In government we hold to the American founders’ idea of self-government and the rule of law, rather than the rule of men.

In essential beliefs we seek unity. In non-essential beliefs we extend liberty. In all our beliefs we have charity.