Katy Faust is My New Hero and Role Model

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“If I have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” – 1 Corinthians 13:1

From the get go, I intended to steer clear of politics in this blog. But I want to share a video today that I hope will be inspiring to people of any political stripe. I think Katy Faust is a breath of fresh air, and her perspective has very much to do with families and, specifically, children. So I hope you feel my decision to share this is appropriate. Katy is certainly an inspiration to me.

Because life is all about love.

And speaking of love, that’s the theme of my soon-to-be-released book, Bear Island. I had hoped to release it in April, but I’ve simply had too much on my plate. It won’t be long though – I’m starting the very last watercolor illustration today.

Here is a rough shot of the illustration that I finished last night
bedtime storyBut back to Katy Faust.
This post is going out the day after oral arguments were made at the Supreme Court regarding same sex marriage. Anticipating this, several weeks ago, Katy submitted a letter to the court, entitled, Dear Justice Kennedy: An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent. I felt Katy’s contribution was brilliant, articulate, insightful, and compassionate.

Katy is uniquely positioned to speak to the subject as a person who was raised by her mother and her mother’s long-term female partner. She openly loves her mom and credits her with being an exceptional parent. Yet as Katy came of age and had children of her own, as she watched her own husband within their family dynamic, the complementary and irreplaceable role of both a mom and dad in child-rearing became increasingly clear to her. Looking back on her own childhood, despite the love and care that surrounded her, she couldn’t deny that she had a longing for her mom and dad to love each other, and her, under one roof as a family, as all children do.

Katy now contends that “children are the reason government has any stake in this discussion at all.” She disagrees with the “wrongful message that all children need is two stable loving adults, which is statistically not the case.” She states, “When a child is placed in a same-sex-headed household, she will miss out on at least one critical parental relationship and a vital dual-gender influence. The nature of the adults’ union guarantees this.” Katy continues:

Like most Americans, I am for adults having the freedom to live as they please. I unequivocally oppose criminalizing gay relationships. But defining marriage correctly criminalizes nothing. And the government’s interest in marriage is about the children that only male-female relationships can produce. Redefining marriage redefines parenthood. It moves us well beyond our “live and let live” philosophy into the land where our society promotes a family structure where children will always suffer loss.
(From Dear Justice Kennedy.)

What is especially inspiring about Katy is the love she has for the gay community, and her willingness to reach out to people who consider her an enemy. To me she embodies the biblical admonition to speak the truth in love. I’m not talking about loving merely with thoughts or words, but with her time and actions. You’ll have to listen to the video to see what I mean.

Regardless of what the Supreme Court decides, Katy’s example will remain relevant to the church. The church as a whole hasn’t been very good at loving its gay neighbor, and yet, loving people is supposed to be the distinguishing mark of who we are and what we do. Whether or not the “marriage equality” movement actually believes their own accusations, what is most often said about opponents of the redefining of marriage is that they are hateful. Stated. Every. Single. Day. I don’t believe it’s true, but somehow they’re not feeling the love. We need to get better at this.

I stumbled across the following Youtube video of a TV show that I’d never heard of, interviewing Katy Faust. It’s 25 minutes long, but if you care about this issue, I think it’s definitely worth watching.

I hope you are enjoying the springtime. Hopefully, my next post will be announcing a new book release!

5 thoughts on “Katy Faust is My New Hero and Role Model

  1. This was a very insightful program. I was acquainted with 2 gay men when I was an artist at Hallmark from ’78 to ’84. One of the guys seemed to be always suppressing anger. The other sat at the light table in front of me. He was not “out” but everyone knew he was gay. He was so delightful to talk to. All the gals flocked to him to talk. Why? Because he listened and had a genuine concern for others. He was a great guy and a talented artist. I think we need to look below the surface and engage with the LGBT community. And as a Christian, I really appreciated this video. It showed me that I need to be more loving and merciful toward them. God has really been showing me in the last 2 months how judgmental I have been! I have a LOT of apologizing to do! We must always “hide” behind the cross. It’s not about me but about Him! And the children involved in these relationships- it is about them! Also in the pro-choice and pro-life arena: IT IS ABOUT THE CHILD! Not the adults! I will be looking excitedly for the publication of your new book about the bear family. Blessings to you and yours.

    • Diane,
      Thank you taking the time to listen to the interview, and for sharing your thoughts. I agree that both the abortion and “marriage equality” debates are ultimately about the well-being of children. The sanctity of human life and the definition of marriage issues are about as fundamental and important to a life-affirming society as anything I can imagine. However, having said that, the adults on the other side of these issues do (often) have legitimate concerns as well. While we may not agree with them, disagreement does not equal hate. Most on the Left seem to have difficulty wrapping their heads around this idea. May God give us wisdom in showing us how to love them in a way that makes sense to them.

  2. Good on you that’s all. I’m constantly reminding myself when I’m witnessing the anger going on between both views that It’s not our fight , it’s his, we just need to love as he did and remember this is not a personnel thing it’s spiritual.
    Bless you for sharing the love, stay true x

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